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hello fishfriends.

you might have figureed out that that deadline for the sports compilation is postponed for approx. inf time. ok?

also stay tuned for inspirational post that we should probably have made in like april, but whatevs, noone likes sports anyways blulbbbblubbblubb

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Everyone loves sports, and that’s why we want to make an album dedicated to whatever sports you can think of. The idea is ofc to sample or make covers of sport songs, this means every song that in some way is connected to sports, for example songs that is generally about thai boxing or a song dedicated to you’r local bandy team.

Send the contributions to in wav format, use dropbox or or some other fantastic site.

Deadline is july 30.

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Sillchild – A Completely Fantastic Starchild Starchild Tribute

Finally it’s out, our tribute to Starchild (who was not made by Dune) this fantastic song was remade by some of the smartest producers and bands we could find. The style is ranging from chiptube to hardcore punk and breakcore. Don’t miss this hehe.

1. Dj Meq – Starchild
2. Pro-kören Feat Laser Zebras – Starrchild (
3. Stel Av Skräck – Stjärnbarn
4. Coca-Cola 3 – sc_2k11_rmx_cc3.mp3
5. Negrobeat – Starchild (Negrobeat’s Galna Snefylla Remix)
6. Oxygen Overload – I Wish I Were A Starchild
7. Sleepwalk – Starchild
8. Apple Starfruit Project – Starchild (Singing T-rex Being Chased By A Running Girl Remix)
9. Nils Folke Valdemar – Btrdcd Gtrchld
10. Hubby Eats Creampie – Dronechild Remix


it is also awailable on cdr for 3 euros

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New release from our french friend HFK, the style is ranging from breakcore to rythmic industrial and speedcore

download it here

it is also awailable at cdr for 2 euros

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new deadline for the starchild compilation

once again we have failed to get the compilation released in time.

the new deadline is set to the 14th of march

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You might not be aware of the fact that this is perhaps the greatest song ever!
We really hope that you feel the same way about this fantastic song, and would like to give it the tender loving care it deserves, by participating on an absolutely fantastic tribute compilation!

So tune your melodica, get your Kraut on, or reunite your high school metal band, beacause this time mashcore isnt really enough (it is still welcome though). This song deserves all kinds of love, from twee and d-beat hardcore to jungle and neo-folk, from bassline and harsh ambient to p-funk and black metal.

We want it all.

Here are the lyrics:

Look at the stars and you’ll see that it’s real,
If you look at the stars then you’ll know you’re a Starchild.
Once you have seen it you’ll always believe
in the stars and the light
you were born as a Starchild.

And something we guess are chords: E G# F#
E B A (we dont really know anything about chords)

If your really need it you can probably fins som decent quality mp3s of the song on teh internetz yes.

send your contruibution in wav to: (use

Deadline is set to February 28!

Here is a midifile with notes and shit!

Have fun with it!

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Swedish Tophits Vol. 1

it’s finally here, the compilation you all been waiting for (at least i know like five people that have been looking forward to it, i think) 15 awesome tracks of pure herring adrenaline!

download it here!

it’s also available on cdr for 3 euros

1 – Kul-Sprutz – En Badbolls Memoarer []
2 – The Jesus Mohammeds – Do Run Run
3 – Gay’s Anatomy – Sun In Mind – Brown Inside
4 – Oxygen Overload – Är Det Tölp
5 – Negrobeat – Saxparty Rave
6 – USA Kings – Gotta Dance
7 – Ljudit Andersson – En Apa Har Rymt
8 – [P-R-Z] – Mashed Abba Fucking Gabba
9 – BubbleGirlz – Potatiz
10 – Chaos Through Programming – Vandraren
11 – CDR – Rosa Hellkopter
12 – Ohyra- Leva Livet Remix
13 – Fërmënted Furbyz – Vikingshitwarz
14 – Insecuritas – Arbetarbröder
15 – The Toilet – Fish And Shit

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